Thursday, September 16, 2010


Do the thing you can un-do
In case it's less a hit and more a miss.
Or, if life and love are too important,
Do the thing with the greatest risk.
Opportunity costs and ROI
Work for things like factories and coffee shops,
But when there are no debtors, just you and that thing,
Sometimes it's worth it when it flops.
Don't be stupid or reckless or bad,
But beware the packed-down trail;
Unexplored territory means you'll find something new
Even if, in the end, you fail.
Live out loud as hard as you can
Even if you pretend you have the guts
Because heroes, warriors, and lovers
Didn't find passion sitting on 'buts'.
So now you have a choice:
You can be supposedly wise, or a wimp,
Or you can take a chance
And never wonder what could have been.

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